What documents can be created in ExpressDoc ?

UNLK – aligned documents :

Purchase Order

Packing List

Packing Declaration,

Shipper Letter of instructions

Commercial Invoice

Proforma Invoice

Beneficiary Certificate

Combine COO/Invoice

Certificate of Origin

Airway Bill

Seaway Bill

Verified Gross Mass Declaration

FTA Certificate of Origin

  • Taiwan (ANZTEC)
  • Korea (FTA)

AU Customs

  • Australia Harmonized Export Commodity Classification
  • Australia Export Declaration Withdrawal Notice
  • Australia Application For Confirming Exporter Status
  • Australia Export Declaration Supplementary Page
  • Australia Export Declaration Or Application Under Subsection 162A(6A)
  • Australia Contingency Export Declaration

How does Express Docs eliminate re-entry of data?

Data automatically flows through and across documents, meaning it only needs to be entered once.

Additional time can be saved by creating the records of your contacts and products in Express Doc. These will be available to pick up from the dropdown list when require.

You can also create new partner contact or a product from the document itself and make it available for future use.


Do I need to add all the details required for the forms ?

Some general data elements will be available in the documents to be picked from the dropdown box.

e.g. – Ports ; Unit measurements; Currency ;  Countries, etc.


Do I need to key in the detail of a transaction in each of the documents that I need to issue for it ?

You will only need to enter any data element once in the first document where that data element is required.

You can use the copy save function , and all transactional data entered in the first document will be copy over in the next document.


How can I keep a track of the documents issued for the same transaction?

ExpressDoc offer the functionality of creating a collection of document where you can add any document related to one transaction.

You will be able to view and edit each of the documents in the collection.

You can download all the documents form the collection to share them with your partners.